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Fighter Helmets - HGU-55/P

The HGU-55/P (helmet general usage, exposed visor) series provides head protection against sharp object penetration while redistributing the force of impact over a large region.  This helmet is individually crafted in KEVLAR™ and comes standard with a Confor™ foam custom leather liner.  Interchanging visors is easy!  When ordering please specify choice of visor, clear or tinted lens. This helmet incorporates the H-154A/AIC high noise attenuation ear cup assembly as standard. Your choice paint color and your choice of black, gray, or blue leather liner and exterior edge roll.

U.S. $930.00 as shown with GA microphone and earphones.

U.S. $920.00 Military version (shown below) with low visibility gray paint and gray leather, H-143/AIC ear phones and light weight oxygen receivers.  

Designed to be used with MBU-12/P or MBU-5/P oxygen mask
(not included in price).  Can be configured for the Anvis dual visor assembly.

CEP ready adds $50.00
Complete CEP kit adds $ 175.00


Our Top of the Line HGU-55/P Helmet Shown in Yellow and Black Leather
U.S. $1,225.00

HGU-55/P shown with integrated chin strap assembly included.
partial flex microphone, add $45.00

Anvis6 dual visor kit adds $225.00
Anvis Q-D for dual visor kit add $55.00 (not shown)
High contrast yellow lens on Anvis dual visor kit add $60.00 (shown)


HGU-55/P with U.S. Navy Visor Kit and Integrated Chin/Nape Strap
$1005.00 as shown

Size - Medium
 Up to 7 1/4
Size - Large
7 1/4 - 7 1/2 
Size - Extra Large
Over 7 1/2

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