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Helicopter Helmets - New

US $905.00 (as shown)

When you slip one of these on your head, you'll swear that it was custom made just for you.  The weight is perfectly distributed over the crown, providing continued comfort for hours of extended use.  We have outfitted entire fleets, both domestic and foreign. Our reputation clearly speaks for itself.

With our Kevlar helicopter helmets, the results are predictable; excellent performance accompanied by outstanding comfort.

Military or General Aviation microphones and ear phones, custom liners or suspension harness, clear, tinted or gradient visors.   Also, select from 2', 3', or 6' coiled cable and a wide variety of custom colors.

Single tinted or clear visor, general aviation avionics, crushable ear cups with foam ear seals, Kevlar® shell with Confor™ foam custom liner and 2' cable.

The same configuration, but with the leather suspension harness is ideal for extreme hot and humid climates, allowing airflow to circulate around the interior shell of the helmet. Only available with 300-pound test chin strap assembly. Add $25.00

  • 3' straight woven cable, add $10.00 per unit.
  • 6' coiled cable, add $20.00 per unit.
  • Dual Visor Kit, add $185.00 per unit.
  • CEP ready, add $50.00*
  • CEP installed with Ear Plugs and Wires, add $175.00*

    *CEP: Communication Ear Protection

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